Discover what it takes to maximize multisport strength, power, speed and endurance. "Triathlon Anatomy" shows how to improve performance by increasing muscular strength and optimizing the efficiency of every movement. "Triathlon Anatomy" features 82 of the most effec... read more

Triathlon Anatomy
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This invaluable new guide takes you through all the benefits of bike riding, along with everything you need to know to get pedalling: how to choose your bike - with the differences between types, such as hybrid and racer; how to choose yo... read more

Bike: Fitness, Fun & Easy Maintenance (Spiral Bound)
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This title offers training guidance for female runners. For those seeking a comprehensive book that appeals to both recreational fitness runners and serious performance runners and that uniquely addresses a female audienc... read more

Running for Women: Your Complete Guide for a Lifetime of Running
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 Running, Swimming & Cycling

Run faster and longer with less effort than ever before! Putting in the miles is only one part of the training equation. You can become a much stronger overall runner by improving leg turnover, efficiency, body alignment, muscle balance, and running-specific muscle strength... read more

Run Strong
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German Baron Karl von Drais first introduced the two-wheeled tandem human-powered wooden-framed vehicle to the world, in the summer of 1817, its rider gamely steering with the front wheel while pushing along with his feet. After that history is rath... read more

The Bicycle: 200 Years on Two Wheels
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